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January 20, 2009

Yogi’s Haircut

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OK, so after we took Yogi with us to go skiing a few times, his shaggy hair started developing the craziest mats I’ve ever seen. They were getting to the point where it was impossible to comb them out so we had to take him to get a haircut. He always looks incredibly strange after a haircut but this time they cut him really short. We both agree that he looks like one of those hairless cats so every time I see him now I go “Meoooow”. Anyway, here’s the before and after shots!

That’s an awful lot of toys for one small dog…

I have to admit I’m a little embarrassed walking him around the neighborhood looking like this. Maybe we’ll just take him out for a walk at night…Poor dog!

December 6, 2007

Young Yogi

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Yogi turns 2 years old 2 days ago. I’m just browsing our old pics and it’s funny to see how small he used to be. Now, he’s just a big baby 🙂
These pictures were taken when he’s about 4 months old.

September 25, 2007

Yogi is so cute

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I guess I haven’t posted much pictures of Yogi even though 90% of our pictures are mostly his 🙂 So here are 2 of his cute pics.

Yogi on the beach

Yogi got a big stick

June 14, 2007

Bad dog II

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Matt told me that the other day, he woke up at 4am and heard this weird funny noise. Then he saw Yogi came into the room, with his heard stuck inside a beef jerky bag, nearly suffocating himself. Well, he’s lucky he didn’t but he ate my whole bag of beef jerky. Somehow trying to picture Yogi with his head stuck in a beef jerky bag and how he gorged down all the jerky is quite funny but I also need to be more careful next time to not leave anything tempting around such that Yogi will get in trouble again.

May 14, 2007


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I think the picture pretty much tells the whole story here 🙂

April 10, 2007

Dogs not welcome

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Seems like every place nowadays do not welcome dogs. REI used to allow dogs in their stores and was definitely a place Yogi enjoyed going to. However, I went there last week and was told that only guide dogs are allowed and the worker was giving me a look. I was like, there’s nothing I can do now, my car is parked miles away and I’m not going to bring him to the car then walk back here. So the whole time I was walking Yogi in the shop, shopping, I was approached by a few more workers on their dog policy. I was like, I know I know, just don’t bug me anymore.

Poor Yogi 😦 he got no place to go now. Many State Parks have restriction on dogs and all National Parks do not allow dogs anywhere off the road. We really want to go back to Crater Lake for skiing but obviously no dogs are allowed and we don’t have the heart to abandon him just so we can go skiing. I think people need to ease off the no dog policy. Maybe only ‘nice and good’ dogs should be allowed 🙂 .Yogi is such a nice dog, he doesn’t cause any trouble.

I know some National Parks do not allow dog for a good reason. They tend to affect the local wildlife such as bears and wolves so places like Yosemite or Isle Royale are definitely not a good place to bring Yogi to. But places like Crater Lake don’t have any good reason to not allow dogs. Anyway, I’m looking forward for days when dogs are allowed in all parks.

Did I mentioned that Mazamas also have no dog allowed policy? So now that we are taking AR, we have to find people that are willing to watch Yogi every weekend. What’s worse is that Yogi is such a dependent, pathetic dog. Last month we boarded Yogi at Frontier and when we picked him up, we found a scab on his uppper right thigh. I thought maybe the Frontier people are not treating him nicely. Well, the vet told me that maybe Yogi get stressed in his crate and start ‘working’ on himself. I didn’t buy that at first. Well, last week our friend took care of Yogi for us. And once again, the scab that was almost completely heal from the first time is looking fresh again. So Yogi must have really been biting himself when we were gone. All I can think of is that he must be so sad that we were not around. Poor Yogi, I also don’t know what to do with him. We won’t be done with AR till June so every weekend from now onward till June, Yogi will be separated from us. I’m so worried that he’ll bite himself again 😦 .

March 19, 2007

Bad dog

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I gave Yogi a bath last Wednesday night. The next morning, Matt sent me this picture taken on the same morning.

February 6, 2007

Yogi’s Haircut

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Yogi woke up and was having a good day, just hanging out by the window. Little did he know what I had in store for him…WAHAHA!

Here he is, looking happy before his haircut…

Daddy, what did you do to me??

Well, might as well hang out here anyway!

February 1, 2007

Dumb or Smart?

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I’m a little not sure if our dog is as dumb as we think he is. Lately somehow he’s able to get his paws into things that he shouldn’t be eating. A while ago I bought a bag of Japanese snack crabs (tiny crabbies that has been dried and flavored). They are very salty and neither Matt and I like them but they are also loaded with so much calcium and iron. Anyway, I placed them on the coffee table and walked off with Yogi in the room. 30 mins later when I came back into the room, Yogi looks pretty happy, I thought maybe because he likes seeing me. But then I found 1/2 a crabby hanging on his ear. Immediately I was like ‘uh oh’. I took a look at the coffee table and the bag that contains all the crabbies is empty now. Oh my god, I can’t believe he ate everything in that bag.

So that’s like the first time he got into something we really didn’t want him to eat. Yesterday I had this bag of caramel cashew trailmix in the car. It has a mix of caramel chocolate, cashews, m&ms and peanuts. We left Yogi and the trail mix in the car while we went into Winco to get some food. When we came back, I smelled peanuts and immediately realized Yogi had gobbled up 1/2 the bag. Gosh….what a bad dog.

Then this morning, I woke up, hearing this noise that sounded like something is tearing some bag apart. I quickly got up and went into the ferrets room. Yogi was in it, tearing the ferrets food bag apart. When he saw me, he look up and was like licking his lip, smacking it. I can’t believe he’s eating the ferrets food when we spent all these money buying him good quality Wellness dog food. So I yelled at him “bad god, bad dog’. I think he knew he did something bad and took off running downstairs.

So, do you think Yogi is a dumb or smart dog or just a really really bad dog?

January 30, 2007

Poor Doggie

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Poor Yogi, he caught a cold. He’s been coughing a lot lately and I think he must have caught a canine cough from the boarding place we sent him a week ago. Either that or he must have caught it in St Helen. But they said that most of the time a dog will catch it and 8-10 days later, the symptons will appear. Anyway, so now we are restraning him from other dogs which mean no doggie day care for Yogi. Poor pooch, I bet he misses all his pals at the day care. I hope he gets better soon.

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