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Our Pets

We bought our first pets together back in 2003. Back then I really wanted a dog but Matt refused to commit to one, saying a dog is too much work. One day, I saw the preview for Along Came Polly and saw this cute litle ferret in the movie and I knew exactly what I want. We bought 2 ferrets in Oct 2003 and named them Lazie (pronounced ‘lay-zee’) and Ploppie (pronounce as ‘plop-pee’). The ferrets were pretty cute but all in all, are good for nothing. They destroyed eveything we owned including our couch (dug a hole right through the couch), carpets, etc. In July 2007, we found a family to adopt the ferrets as we have decided to go on a road trip and we could no longer take care of them. The new family already have 1 ferret so now they have 3, should be fun for them.

Our next pet is Yogi, our faithful, crazy labradoodle. Matt finally agreed to a dog one day and in Feb 2006, we took a 2 month old Yogi home with us. He’s such a cutie pie and loves to play. So far he knows his sit, down, rug and shake command. He sticks to me like a glue and wherever I go, he will be tagging along behind.

This is Ploppie and Lazie (left to right)

We try to bring Yogi with us everywhere we go. Most of the time, he’ll get tied down while we are climbing and of course he’ll be entertaining us with his whining.

This is taken when we first got Yogi. Either Matt is a giant or Yogi is just so small 🙂

Yogi and Wow Wow, best pals forever

Yogi said, I need to escape now.

Yogi used to look so much redder.

Fuzzy Yogi after his first grooming.

Shaggy Yogi on a hot hot day.

Muddy Yogi loves to post for picture.



  1. i like your doggy so much…

    Comment by june — February 4, 2007 @ 9:09 am

  2. Yogi so small that time…now fat boy alr…haha

    Comment by June Mei — May 19, 2013 @ 12:36 pm

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