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March 15, 2012

Climbing injury

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I guess eventually no matter how hard I try to stay healthy, I ended up with an injured finger. Apparently the X-ray showed a broken chunk detached from my middle finger knuckle. The doctor kept asking if I recently injured myself from banging it or anything of that sort. I told him nothing, one day it just hurt whie I was climbing. Also he told me my ring finger also has signs of wear and tear @_@. So I am now wearing a splint on my middle finger of my right hand (yes, I am right-handed). And of course, doctor’s order – NO CLIMBING!!!

I am a little depressed with this news but life got to go on. I am now trying new activities to stay in shape; venturing into P90x and crossfit. Hopefully at the end of 6 weeks, my bone will heal and I can start PT to get my finger back in shape again. Although I may shy away from working on really hard problems. Maybe human body is just not meant to climb hard stuff like that? I was on-sighting hard 11s and working on 12s when this injury happened. What I explained to my friends is that I think I got too strong, so strong that my bone cannot handle it and just crushed!!! Wahhh!!! Maybe I just have weak bone? Eitherway it will be a long recovery process and I may never want to climb that hard again. It’s much better to climb something even though it’s easy than to never can climb again.



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