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March 27, 2009

Matt Vs. Birds

Filed under: Home — Matt Stamplis @ 4:44 pm

So over the last years, birds have slowly found their way into our attic. Before our trip I remember hearing animals up there from time to time but it was never that big of a deal. Well, recently, it’s become a big deal. It sounds like there’s an entire flock up there, squeaking away. And I can hear some of them pecking away at the wood. Grrrr…that was the last straw.

After poking around outside, it became pretty obvious how the birds were getting in…

We have more than a dozen of these vents along the roof of our house. Upon closer inspection, I could see about 2/3 of them had holes in them, giving birds easy access. Judging by the poop streaks on the side of the house and the insulation on the ground, they were enjoying their new home.

Now I wanted to serve these birds with an eviction notice immediately but these vents are 20 feet off the ground so I needed a ladder. I’ll keep this short: Amazon had the best pricing by $100 but my ladder got back ordered. 6 weeks after ordering, I finally received the ladder (today). But they sent me the wrong ladder (way too short). Apparently, some other guy in Hillsboro had ordered a ladder and they had got them mixed up. They were clever enough to figure it out and came two hours later to give me the right ladder. Fortunately, the birds haven’t had any babies yet so I don’t feel too bad about kicking them out.

This ladder will take me anywhere…if I can work up the nerve to get on it. I’ve never been on a tall ladder before and maybe this is normal but this one is not particularly stable. I donned my climbing helmet, grabbed the staple gun (and camera) and slowly climbed up, the ladder trembling beneath my feet. The thought passed though my head that I’d feel more comfortable rock climbing without a rope. Well, somehow I managed to get up under the roof. I awkwardly snapped a picture and then sealed up the vent. Alright, just 9 more vents to go!

Here’s the finished job. It’s not really perfect but it should slow the birds down: it just needs to last until we sell this house.


  1. So all you really did was just seal the birds inside? hmmmm….

    Comment by Liz Stamplis — March 28, 2009 @ 8:27 am

    • Funny, that’s what Joanne was worried about…I’m crossing my fingers that they were all out of the attic when I did the patch-work! We’ll probably find out soon if there’s any of them still up there!

      Comment by Matt Stamplis — March 29, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

  2. i have some birds making nest on my aircond compressor
    so every morning u can hear their morning call to get u up at 7am >.<

    Comment by juenhau — March 29, 2009 @ 9:18 pm

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