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January 21, 2008

Joshua Tree (more)

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So our stay in Joshua Tree is coming to a close~ Our time here has treated us pretty well, although it’s been a bit on the cold side and crazy windy. But what can you expect for January? It’s a really beautiful place and I’m sure we’ll be back. Even for non-climbers there’s plenty to see and do here: looking at the relics from abandoned mines and cattle ranchers is fascinating.

*Joanne comment*
Plus, we managed to accomplish all our climbing goals. We had a guidebook of 60 selected climbs within the park and tomorrow, unless the weather is horrible, we’ll finish them all! So far we have done a total of 55 out of the 60, yay! Climbing in Joshua Tree is definitely a challenge since routes here are very different from Smith Rock. To give you an idea, our first climb was a 5.5 and we thought we would fly up it with no problem but turns out it was definitely one of the scariest we have done. Friction climbing is definitely not our forte. Also the 5.9 routes which were mentioned in the guide book as hard, we flew up it with no sweat at all. So depend whether you are strong in low angle friction climbing or steep climbing with jugs, the route rating might not neccessary apply correctly.

Anyway, we’ll definitely post some more pictures when we get the chance – it’ll take some time to organize them all and we’ll have to find a reliable internet connection but maybe in a day or two we’ll put some more up. Our next destination is Cochise Stronghold in Southeast Arizona, oooo yeah…

Here’s a few parting shots from Joshua Tree (sorry it took so long to put these online!!)

While exploring around our campsite one day we stumbled upon this really cool rock garden. People passing through the area had gathered rocks and created all sorts of shapes and creatures from them, including this scorpion. It was a pretty neat discovery trying to figure out what all the shapes were!

On our rest days we would sometimes just hang around the campground and terrorize Yogi.

We visited two of the old gold mines in the area. This is the Lost Horse Mine: it was pretty interesting to look at the old mining equipment and imagine what kind of life these old-time miners must have had. Now that’s a rough lifestyle.

The Desert Queen Mine has lots of mine shafts like this one. We didn’t venture too far into them…

Of course, this is Joshua Tree so we had to do some climbing – here’s Matt climbing on the Headstone, a very prominent formation that we could see from our campsite every day.

The same day we climbed the Headstone (above) it was really cold and windy so we spent the rest of the day bouldering around the campground. Joanne doesn’t like this picture because she’s wearing all these puffy jackets.

Joanne leads Mental Physics, a beautiful 5.7+ crack deep in the heart of the Wonderland of Rocks. The hike in to this climb took about an hour but was really beautiful. Matt ate some fruit from a cactus that we found -tasty!

Water in the Desert!? This is Barker Dam, a small man-made reservoir: it’s a very photogenic place to poke around and take pictures.

On our last day in Joshua Tree we stopped by the Cholla Cactus Garden: these are also called “Teddy Bear Cactus” because they’re so loveable. OK, maybe you don’t want to hug them.

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