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December 1, 2007

Multiple incidents with Yogi

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Last night I woke up around 2.30am because I heard people talking downstairs and my bedroom light was on. I looked at the clock and got really confused. I was thinking, is Matt showing the house to people at 2 in the morning? Anyway, I walked out of the room and a policeman was there and ask me who stays in our family room. Still really confused, I said, nobody, this is a family room. And then I realized there were at least 6 policemen and women walking around in our house. Feeling a little panic, I saw Matt downstair and asked if he called the police and he said yes.

Apparently he heard some weird noise downstairs in the middle of the night and feared somebody had broken into our house so he called the police. Well, the police confirmed after a few minutes investigating that nobody has broken into the house, no foot prints were outside so there was nothing to be feared. We thanked them for their services and they left.

After they left, we noticed Matt’s bag on the floor and Matt said, ‘That wasn’t there before, I heard someone banging and straps opening’. Then we realized that Yogi must have dragged Matt’s bag and started chewing up his bag, opening the straps. There was a food tupperware in the bag so he must have smelled it. So, after all the times that Matt has spooked Yogi (he will hid in the dark and pounce on Yogi), finally it was paid back time. Yogi spooked Matt so badly that Matt called the police on him πŸ™‚ It was kinda funny but I feel bad for the policemen that came. I guess it was still a smart move from Matt to call on suspicious noise but ….

Today, we rented a car and went cross country skiing. Yogi had tons of fun burying his face in the snow. The whole time there were a lot of dogs that came by and said hi to Yogi. It’s pretty common and we always assume the dogs are harmless. Anyway, there was this dog that we encountered during skiing. He lunged at Yogi, pinned him down and started bitting him aggresively. Yogi was so scared and made this high pitch whining noise. Matt instantly took his ski poles and hit the other dog. I went on my knee and try to tackle the dog and pin him down until his owner arrived. Thanks to Yogi’s thick coat, sweater and outer coat (I dress him nicely for the snow) he wasn’t hurt at all. But Matt broke his pole and everybody was in shock. When the owner arrived, she was really apologetic and offered to repay us for the broken poles (we said no to that because it was a crappy pole anyway). She said that she thought it was a good time to train him off-leash and didn’t realized we were around the corner. I felt really bad for the other dog because I think he must be a rescued animal from the shelter and might have been mistreated before to behave so aggressively. At the same time, I think the owner shouldn’t have let him off-leash because he was pretty aggressive on Yogi. And poor Yogi boy, I bet he’s going to have a nightmare tonight 😦



  1. at least the owner is being apologetic and all… barky, my friend’s dog, was attacked by an unleashed and unchockered pitbull once, and her boyfriend had to knock the dog unconscious before it let barky go… and the owner, he actually told my friend’s boyfriend to f-off after that… had they not have to rush barky to an ER i think the other dog’s owner would have been beaten to pulps by brian as he was so so so angry over that… poor barky nearly died… ><

    Comment by Lil — December 6, 2007 @ 12:38 am

  2. Man, we are so lucky the dog wasn’t that aggresive. I feel bad for the dog sometime because I felt like they didn’t know what they are doing and getting beaten up wasn’t the way to fix it. I was glad our incident ends with nobody gets injured. Poor barky, I hope he’s healthy now.

    Comment by joannestamplis — December 6, 2007 @ 4:18 pm

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