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October 15, 2007

Another amazing weekend

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Well, we didn’t get to go check out the new climbing area this weekend. Instead we went to Smith Rock and climb like crazy monkeys. We spent the whole Saturday at the lower gorge and Matt onsighted every single routes he hopped on ranges from 5.10a to 5.10c. As for me, I’m just trying to keep up with his climbing. I was so dead tired at the end that I couldn’t even move up the last stemming route we did because my calves were cramping on me. Did I mention we climbed 8 hard routes that day and Matt just keep on-sighting them one after another? Crazy strong guy …

Anyway, Sunday starts out a little differently this time. I decided to be bold and finally red pointed two 5.10a routes, New Testament and The Karate Crack. I was so happy I did the Karate Crack beause it was such a fun hand crack. The route definitely looks more intimidating that it really is.

I think the best part of the weekend is that we met a few interesting people. The first group we met happened to be a guy who work in Intel too and Matt knew them from the many trip reports they have been posting online. We were talking for a while and all of a sudden, Matt said ” Are you the guys who posted pictures on the Turkey Monster?” and they were like laughing and said yeah and told us how crazy the climb was. Turkey Monster is a climb in the Menagerie Wilderness and is an old aid route. It’s funny to hear how they have to aid on old rusty bolts that will flex when they put their weight on them. Fun group, we might cross path some day soon because they are from Portland too.

The next group we met happened to be a couple who are living our dreams. They are currently on their road trip (Hi Rob and Rachel in case you are reading this) and have been travelling for 6 months. They recommended so many climbing areas to us and from our conversation, they definitely have done a lot. Hopefully we’ll meet them again someday so they can show us all the best cragging areas in the East.

Sorry, no picture again. We go to Smith Rock almost every weekend so taking picture no longer seem necessary to us especially when all butt shots looks almost identical anyway. In short, it’s another great weekend and next weekend will be even better. Matt and I already bought the air plane tickets and are heading to Red Rock, Las Vegas for the weekend (oh yeah!). Routes in the lists are Epinephrine and Solar Slab. We’ll definitely post picture after this trip so stay tuned!


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