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June 6, 2007

Another of Joanne’s Rants – don’t read if you don’t like it

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So this is one of those days that I feel like I need to voice my opinion. And most of the time, it is indeed MY opinion and you don’t have to agree with me. But this is my website and this is a free country so I get to say what I want. Stop reading if you don’t feel like listening to my ranting. By the way, I’m not taking any comment so don’t even bother commenting. I’m just angry because I’ve been hearing too many climbing accidents.

I have a strong opinion on climbing, especially trad climbing (climbing and place your own protection with no bolt). I don’t think trad climbing is for everybody. It’s very dangerous and any mistake could cost you greatly. Every time I hear about any climbing accidents, it makes me really angry and even though I feel bad for those who get injured, I feel like when accidents happened, it is the climber’s fault. Their fault for not being careful enough, fault for not being afraid enough to not climb or downclimb.

Maybe it’s just my opinion but I feel that accidents are totally avoidable, as long as you are completely aware of the consequences if things go bad. The consequences could be as simple as a scratch but the worst is when you don’t get live to learn the mistake. When you are climbing and the route starts to get hard and spooky, maybe it’s time to stop and think. Ask yourself, is it worth it if I get hurt here? If the answer is yes, feel free to continue struggling up the route. But if it’s a big no, place more pro, yell take and come down. It is not shameful to bail on a climb and there’s plenty of other chances to climb a different route another day.

I’m a strong believer that when mountain or rock accidents happened, most of the time it is the climber’s fault. When we fell on Mt Washington, we were so naive and stupid. The only mountain we had climbed before that was South Sister (a long hike) and some low 5th class rock in Horsethief Butte and we somehow got in our head that we are good enough to climb Mt Washington which is well known for bad rocks. It’s stupid and caused trouble and pain to so many people but we were lucky that we survived the accident to tell the story.

Climbing is fun and I love to share this sport with everybody but it’s definitely not for everybody. You can climb hard but the priority must always be to climb safely. OK, I guess I should stop now. I’m sure I can keep on ranting but I think I made my point. Sorry if I offend you, I warned you not to read already. Peace!


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