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May 7, 2007

Our RV is pretty cool

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Last weekend the AR field session was held in Tieton, Washington. We managed to get 7 people to join us in the RV to make it worth it to drive the RV. We managed to test out a lot of things in the RV during this trip. First of all, there were so many stuff that everybody brought I was quite surprised we managed to hide everything in the RV out of sight 🙂 Then, Matt and I thought it would be cool to make waffle breakfast on Sunday for everybody so we brought our waffle maker with us. That actually turned out really well consider we were feeding a lot of people in 1 hour. We also finally tested the fridge in the RV and it worked really well too. Matt didn’t think the freezer would freeze things so he put 1 gal of milk in the freezer to keep it cool. Well, the next morning when he was going to have cereal for breakfast, he discovered a well frozen gallon milk so no cereal for breakfast on that day. We also tested the convection oven and that works really well too, we reheated Jill’s tamale pie and baked some patatoes in this. Did I mentioned that we were partying at the back while Matt is driving? Well, we weren’t sure if we were surposed to be drinking but we agreed that anywhere behind the driver seat (the RV section) is considered reasonable because it’s just like a house. Now I think I can live in this RV 🙂


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