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April 10, 2007

Dogs not welcome

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Seems like every place nowadays do not welcome dogs. REI used to allow dogs in their stores and was definitely a place Yogi enjoyed going to. However, I went there last week and was told that only guide dogs are allowed and the worker was giving me a look. I was like, there’s nothing I can do now, my car is parked miles away and I’m not going to bring him to the car then walk back here. So the whole time I was walking Yogi in the shop, shopping, I was approached by a few more workers on their dog policy. I was like, I know I know, just don’t bug me anymore.

Poor Yogi 😦 he got no place to go now. Many State Parks have restriction on dogs and all National Parks do not allow dogs anywhere off the road. We really want to go back to Crater Lake for skiing but obviously no dogs are allowed and we don’t have the heart to abandon him just so we can go skiing. I think people need to ease off the no dog policy. Maybe only ‘nice and good’ dogs should be allowed 🙂 .Yogi is such a nice dog, he doesn’t cause any trouble.

I know some National Parks do not allow dog for a good reason. They tend to affect the local wildlife such as bears and wolves so places like Yosemite or Isle Royale are definitely not a good place to bring Yogi to. But places like Crater Lake don’t have any good reason to not allow dogs. Anyway, I’m looking forward for days when dogs are allowed in all parks.

Did I mentioned that Mazamas also have no dog allowed policy? So now that we are taking AR, we have to find people that are willing to watch Yogi every weekend. What’s worse is that Yogi is such a dependent, pathetic dog. Last month we boarded Yogi at Frontier and when we picked him up, we found a scab on his uppper right thigh. I thought maybe the Frontier people are not treating him nicely. Well, the vet told me that maybe Yogi get stressed in his crate and start ‘working’ on himself. I didn’t buy that at first. Well, last week our friend took care of Yogi for us. And once again, the scab that was almost completely heal from the first time is looking fresh again. So Yogi must have really been biting himself when we were gone. All I can think of is that he must be so sad that we were not around. Poor Yogi, I also don’t know what to do with him. We won’t be done with AR till June so every weekend from now onward till June, Yogi will be separated from us. I’m so worried that he’ll bite himself again 😦 .



  1. Just stopped off at my local REI, with pups in tow. The manager on duty informed me with much regret of the recent policy change. As I walked out, all the other staffers shouted after me, “yeah… we don’t like it, either.” So, at least they were sympathetic, if hand-tied. Instead of leaving my guys in the mid-morning Texas June heat, I left outright. They’re not the only outift in town that sells decent gear. None of the other places allow dogs, either, but at least they didn’t betray me with such an appalling change of heart.

    I’m writing a letter to the REI Board of Directors: they are a co-op, and I’m a member, so REI belongs to me, too. If you’re a member, as well, I’d recommend you do the same.

    As for the proliferation of the “problem” of fewer places welcoming canine companions, we have inrresponsible dog owners to thank. If only there were someone to whom we could send our complaints regarding THAT.

    Comment by Tom Hudson — June 23, 2007 @ 10:35 am

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. I will try to get a letter out complaining on this too and I recommend everybody doing the same.

    Comment by joannestamplis — June 23, 2007 @ 4:27 pm

  3. I finally went and write a complain on this to REI and here is their reply. I think it’s bullplop because if anybody is allergic to dog, then they shouldn’t be allowed to be outdoor at all. Wutever! This make me feel less bad when I return stuff that I bought to REI from now onward :p.

    ~~~~~~~~~~Quoting Jennifer W, REI Online Customer Service~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Thank you for contacting REI regarding our store pet policy.

    We appreciate that you have taken time to email us about the pet policy. I will
    be sending your comments to the appropriate department for further

    REI is a special place that we want to celebrate with everyone. The experience
    we create when our customers walk into our stores is a result of great staff,
    products and retail environment. Our goal is to make REI an inclusive
    environment, where everyone will feel at ease shopping and working.
    Unfortunately, not everyone can be around animals for health reasons. Some of
    our locations are prohibited via local and state health codes from allowing
    animals into our stores.

    We understand that our customers expect REI to be a safe, friendly, clean
    environment for everyone: animal lovers and those who are afraid of or allergic
    to animals. Pets, except for service animals, are not allowed into any REI
    retail location. If you need your pet to be fitted for a pack, accessory, or
    clothing, one of our employees would be happy to assist you with that outside of
    the store.

    Best wishes for great outdoor adventures.


    Comment by joannestamplis — June 25, 2007 @ 8:07 am

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