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April 4, 2007

Bad luck

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Talk about having some bad luck. Last weekend, we were supposed to go to the Basic Riders Training class. It’s a 3 class sessions and you need to attend all 3 in order to pass the class. Well, we got back our Subaru from the workshop on Friday, tested it out by driving to Stoneworks and it seems to work fine. On Saturday, we drove out to Albany at 5 am because the classs starts at 7.30am. Well, the car starts to overheat when we get to Wilsonville which is like 1/3 of the way to Albany. Matt decided that it will never make it to Albany on time and that we were going to miss the class.

Then I came out with my brilliant idea of that we could rent a car and make it for the afernoon session instead which starts at 11.30am. I already have a Hertz Gold card membership and AAA card handy. I was able to get a car ready for us in Tigard at 9am. The rental part was a piece of cake and we even got it at 8am because apparently the workers come in early to do some cleaning and saw me there so I got the car earlier than anticipated. However, when we finally get to Albany, the instructor told us that they only allows 12 students at each session due to some insurance policy and the class is full (what kind of dumb rule is that? The parking lot was huge and they have enough bikes for us). She told us that our only chance is to wait for somebody to not come and take their spots instead which is very unlikely. Well, everybody shows up and we couldn’t take our class. I was very upset but there’s nothing we can do about it.

We tried to make the best of the day by driving to Silverfalls State Park and walked around with Yogi. Well that was pretty fun exept we couldn’t go on their 6 miles hike because no dog is allowed on the trail. We didn’t feel like leaving Yogi behind and the weather was not that good anyway. We took Yogi to the dog exercise area instead and Yogi had tons of fun there. It’s definitely a really cool park and we’ll come back again some day to do the hike.


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