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March 29, 2007

Last free weekend

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This weekend will be our last free weekend until we complete the Advanced Rock class. Next week onward, we will be climbing every weekend until June. Instead of doing anything fun like skiing (I’m so sad, I really want to go skiing one more time before the season is over), both Matt and I will be taking the Basic Rider Training (BRT). This is our only chance to get the motorcycle license otherwise we would have to wait till June to get the licence which means we won’t be able to ride on our new scooter until then. I managed to find 2 open spots for BRT in Albany (you hear me right, Albany) which is 1.5 hours away from Hillsboro. Everything else nearby is fully booked until May.

I decided that BRT is the best way to go because I wouldn’t have time to go learn the knowledge test, pass it, get the driving permit and then pass the driving test by this week. Since it will be Matt’s first time on a bike, the class will be useful for him too. Anyway, it should be fun once we get our license. Then we get to finally play with our new scooter. I have yet received my scooter because the guy who is supposed to delivered it has sore neck and didn’t want to risk driving. He promised to deliver it today, we’ll see. Then I can take some pictures and post it here.


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