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March 21, 2007

Our small house

Filed under: Random thoughts — joannestamplis @ 7:44 am

I’ve been trying to fix up the carpeting in my ferrets room for the longest time. The ferrets tore apart the carpet and it looked just so nasty and smell bad. When we removed the carpet from the 1st floor, I’ve saved up the carpet and cut out a piece to replace the carpeting in the ferrets room. Well, I did a so so job or you can say a really bad job. I didn’t have any tools but I managed to put down the carpet on the whole room. I didn’t have tools or knowledge to seal the seam nor streching the carpet.
The seam looks awful, I wished I took a picture of it but I did not. I tried to work on the seam twice but it still looked awful.

Well, I finally gave up and called a contractor to come and fix the carpet for me. The whole job took 2 hours and costs me $179 but man, it was such a good job done. You can’t even see the seam anymore and all the wrinkles in the carpet are gone now. The room looks so good and he also fix up the carpet that meets with the hardwood on the stair. We never staple it down due to lack of tools and was still waiting for tools. Also, he fixed the torn carpeting in my other family room that is damaged by my ferrets too. I think the money is well-spent and I should have done that long time ago instead of trying to save money and do the job myself.

Our small house is almost ready for sale. One last thing to do is to fix up my bathroom floor and to make our yard look better. That will take a long time…..:(


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