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March 19, 2007

Smith Rock weekend with ICS

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Last weekend was quite a lot of fun. Honestly speaking I didn’t expect much from the session since we were not allowed to lead any climb and many of the students in the class have never climbed outdoors. On the other hand, it was really convenient to have someone else setup top ropes and I could just get to hop from one route to another. I told Matt that I’ve never climbed that many climbs in a day with him when we went out on our own.

Anyway, we spent the whole Saturday on a relatively remote part of the park, Staender Ridge. Matt and I were there a while ago and had climbed a bunch of routes there already. But I wasn’t very strong then. Looking back, I’m so much better now. A few climbs that I had a lot of difficulties back then, I didn’t even feel any muscle pain going up them this time 🙂 And that was like a year ago; I’m so proud of myself. I remembered one of the route was a 5.9 and had a bouldery start and I couldn’t make the first move and had to yell at Matt to pull me up. This time, I did it in perfect style :don’t mean to brag: On top of that, we get to check out the other pinnacles on the ridge that we had never ventured on before. Matt suggested that we should come back some other time and run up and down each of the pinnacles on the ridge for a long day. We’ll see….

On Saturday night we had a spaghetti feed. Each students were in charged in bringing some sort of food and Matt and I got assigned with salad and dressing. I made the tasty salad using my mother-in-law’s recipe and my salad was the first that was went out (popular or people are just hungry?). We had so much good food it was quite a fun night. And did I mentioned the fire masters did a good job making a big fire to keep everybody warm throughout the party? I think everybody had a blast. That will set a high bar for the next ICS party.

On Sunday, the leaders did a better job separating out students and were more organized in setting up top rope problems. Apparently some other groups on Saturday were slow and didn’t get started till 1pm, possibly due to lack of direction. Anyway, we spent all of Sunday cragging at the Student Wall. Matt and I never been to this wall before. It’s really a cool place to hang out because it’s not crowded, all the routes can be easily top roped and it’s just really nice basalt rock. And they even setup a 5.10c climb for those who wants some challenge. The climb was really hard for me, my muscles were so burned out at the end of the day. It was a fun day and I think everybody in the class got to climb a lot. Almost everybody in my group just hang out under the sun during the last hour of the day because we were so pooped.

I think the session went really well because now everybody in the class have climbed outdoor, not just any outdoor, but at Smith Rock. Unfortunately because Matt and I were so busy climbing these weekends, we only took 2 pictures total. Hopefully somebody else will have some good group shots.


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