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March 5, 2007

Vacation aftermath

Filed under: Malaysia, Thailand — joannestamplis @ 10:45 am

We came back yesterday at 12 midnight and found out that our door to the house from the garage is locked. We purposely left it unlocked and didn’t bring a key so we wouldn’t lose them during our trip. Anyway, somehow it got locked and we had no way of entering our house. Matt didn’t want to risk having to replace the door knob again (he had to do it one time before because the key was left inside).

He decided to sleep in the car and wait for the next morning to get a key from our friends who were taking care of the ferrets when we were gone. I wasn’t so please about staying in the garage and I really wanted to sleep in my bed. After a long time struggling and trying to whack off the door knob with a hammer, I found a piece of soft metal and I just started using it to pick the door. Surprisingly the door unlocked in less than 2 mins. This is my first time picking a door lock and apparently I’m so good at it :). It’s quite unnerving that the door opens so easily but at least this is just a door from the garage into the house. Still need to be able to get into my garage first. Anyway, I was more than glad to sleep on my bed rather than the garage. We’ll post some pics on our trip later.


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