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January 29, 2007

Mt St Helens

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So we went to climb St Helen yesterday on skis. Somehow Matt either underestimated the mountain or overestimated my skiing/climbing ability. The website said that most people will take 7-12 hours to climb the mountain. Matt said we’ll be done before 7. Anyway, we got there at 7am and on the trail head around 8am. Yogi was so excited and had so much energy the whole time.

The trail head starts at around 2700 ft and the summit is at 8364 ft. After so many hours of skiing/climbing, both Yogi’s and my energy level went down. Around 1.30pm, Yogi wasn’t looking too happy and started whining and we still had about 1500ft to the summit. I ended up descending with Yogi and told Matt to go to the summit. I figured at least one of us should make it to the summit since it was such a long climb.

Yogi was such a champion dog. Everybody who passed us was like, “Wow, that must be the fittest puppy I’ve ever seen’. We both made it to 6900 ft and I consider that a big achievement for Yogi. Of course, for me, it was lame because I didn’t get to see the summit.

The descent was also challenging, especially on skis. The snow was very crusty and uneven. I had to constantly take my skis on and off when it got too steep for me to ski. Our original plan was to wait for Matt somewhere near the area where I dropped off my skis to make the summit. However, after waiting for an hour and Yogi wasn’t looking too happy, I decided to descend on my own. The whole time I was looking up and hoping to spot Matt descending. Anyway. around 4.30pm I finally met up with Matt who was on his way down. The rest of the descent was pretty desperate because we were trying to get out before we lost the sun. We made it out just in time before it got too dark. It was definitely a tough climb, especially on skis considering I’m a horrible skier.

We both were happy to be eating greasy burgers and fries at Jack’s Restaurant after this!

This is me and Yogi, approaching St Helens

Yogi said, mummy you are so slow.

Yogi looks so happy.

When the slope get too steep, it was easier to just take our skis off, strap to our packs and hike up, following all the footprints of other climbers. But this was really tiring because the skis are heavy. This is me with Mt Adams in the background.

This is Matt on the summit, yay!

Climbers on the summit rim.

The crater is still active and smoking.

Awesome view from the top of St Helen *sniff, I’m so jealous*. Hmm…that shadow looks like Matt…

Sunset on Mt St Helen. This mountain looks so close and easy. The problem is each time you think you’re almost to the summit, there’s more to go.



  1. I slept 12 hours last night after this…I was kind of tired 🙂

    Comment by stamplis — January 29, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

  2. Yogi was soooooo tired too. He’s walking like an old man now. Hopefully he’ll regain his energy for his doggie day care tomorrow otherwise all the dogs will pounch on him.

    Comment by joannestamplis — January 29, 2007 @ 12:55 pm

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