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January 22, 2007

The power of ‘yelling’?

Filed under: Random thoughts — joannestamplis @ 10:52 pm

Sometime I wonder if yelling is the best way to get things resolve and done. I have experienced many times in the past where I was completely polite to people and nothing was ever done. For example, when I call customer service for some issue. Most of the time, nothing will happen even after my ‘polite’ complain. Well, eventually I switched gears. Now, my method is to just be completely oblivious, yell and scream at customer service and so far, it has proven that my method works.

One good example, Matt has this amazon credit card where once you spent a certain amount, they will send you a $25 gift card. Well sometime last year he complained to me that Amazon hasn’t been sending him the gift card for 2 years. 2 YEARS?? How can someone allow that to go on for that long? Well, if you know Matt, you’ll know how.

So I called the customer service and completely gone berserk with the customer service (poor guy). Words such as “Are you trying to scam me?”, “You know I can sue you”, “You are obviously not doing your job”, “Who’s fault is this if it’s not yours?” all come out. So the guy promised that they will look into the issue. Well, 2 months went by and I didn’t hear anything back from then. Once again I called them and all my yelling and cursing came all out again. This time, I added by asking the person’s name, employee ID no, a note of the time I called and asked for his direct call so I can call him back if I don’t hear anything for 8 weeks.

Well, guess what?? Today, Matt received 14 Amazon gift cards (the amount owed since 2005) + $100 extra for their mistake :). Guess that proves the power of yelling. I think people need to be yelled at to get things done. When one is too nice, one will normally be taken advantage of for being too nice. I’m not a very nice person when it comes to my money. I guess I know how hard it is to earn my money and I hate it when I feel like I’m being cheated. As harsh as it sounds, it is a dog eat dog world and only the strong ones will survive.


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