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June 6, 2006

Mt Hood

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Mt Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon, rising to 11,249 ft. Since it’s the closest ski area from our house, we usually come here to ski, both down hill and cross-country. After BCEP, we have attempted to climb it multiple times but turned around due to weather. Finally on 06/06/06, we summited the climb under the lead of Bob Murphy and Steve Warner, the Mazamas leaders.

We started at 12.30 midnight and back to our car at 3.30pm, 15 hours total. Yes, you read that right. 15 hours. Conditions were really quite icy on the hogsback and Pearly Gates which slowed everyone down. I’d like to challenge someone to claim they took longer than 15 hours on the South Side (without bivying, or taking unnecassarily long breaks). With all the physical and mental challenges on the climb, I was glad we made it to the top. I’m not sure I’ll ever climb it again but who knows what will change my mind some day. The pain is already a distant memory 🙂

Mt Hood from far view, you can see the Palmer ski lift

Mt Hood is still an active volcano, you can smell the sulfur and see the smoke coming out.

Here’s a picture of the Hogsback, the ridge that leads up to the summit crater. You can see the large crevasse (the bergshcrund) has opened up and the climbers (thats Joanne somewhere on that rope team) are passing it to the right. In early season before the snows melt, climbers walk right over this.

This picture shows how steep the Hogsback is. It gets even steeper up near the top (The Pearly Gates). The members of our party who had climbed Hood a few times all felt this was the steepest they had seen the Pearly Gates.

I’m approaching the summit!

This is us, sharing the joy of success

It was a beautiful day for climbing.


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