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December 21, 2005

Red Rock Canyon

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This was the first time we went to Red Rock, Las Vegas; Dec, 2005. We found a good deal at the Palace Station Hotel (it was super cheap – around $20/night) so we ended up staying there for 9 days. We climbed during the day and took in the city life during the night. We didn’t have Yogi back then so things were a lot less complicated. We flew in and rented a car for the whole trip. Since Matt was not old enough to rent a car, I had to drive the whole time (which I did not enjoy). One pretty stupid thing in Red Rock Canyon is the 13-mile one-way road. Each time we drove into the loop for climbing, you’re forced to drive the entire loop even if you are only driving 1 or 2 miles in to climb. The whole time we were there we were looking forward to seeing wild burros or big horn sheep. On the last day we drove through the loop drive, we finally saw 2 burros roaming around by the roadside.

The Ultraman Wall looms in the distance behind Joanne.

Matt doing some hangdogging on Side Effects. The guidebook says 10b but seems a bit harder than that…hmmm

The Black Corridor. Someone looks like they’re hanging on Rebel Without a Pause way in the back. One year later, we came back and Matt almost redpointed this route, darn the last move

Finally saw a burro after looking for 10 days! When we came the following year, we saw burros almost every day – weird!


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