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November 24, 2005

Crater Lake

Filed under: Skiing — Matt Stamplis @ 12:00 pm

Crater Lake is Oregon’s only National Park (I refuse to recognize the lousy Lewis & Clark “National Park”) but it’s sooo far away from anything that hardly anyone ever visits the place.

We visited Crater Lake for Thanksgiving, 2005. This is the offseason when most of the park facilities/roads are closed due to heavy snow. Our original plan was to ski the 30-some mile loop around the lake. But, after talking with the ranger, we decided we’d probably have a better (and safer) time doing a shorter loop. Joanne literally had no idea how to ski and, this was a 3-day trip so we were carrying pretty heavy packs. We ended up doing somewhere around 20-miles and had a GREAT time!

Taking a break. Joanne says “Hey this isn’t so hard: I think I’m getting the hang of this skiing thing…”

And everything was going well until we decided to avoid a high avalanche area by taking an off-trail bypass through the trees. This was a steeper area, with plenty of trees to dodge. The result…

…er, hang in there Joanne!

Alright, let it snow!

Our first night out, there was a considerable amount of fresh snow coming down. Our tent was looking a little sad in the morning, sagging under the weight of snow. But it was still fairly spacious!

While taking this picture, we were both squinting against the bright sun: thats why we have such goofy smiles. Hurry up and take the picture! No, not a video!

Crater Lake is actually a volcano’s crater. There is a dome rebuilding inside of the crater. Behind me you can see Wizard Island. This is actually the tip of the new dome. Over time, this will continue to push itself up and out of the lake!


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